28 Apr 2012

Hana is looking for sponsor parents

Hana is a 9 year old girl from Akaki. When she was smaller she went to Abugida, now she goes to the Fitawrari School where shes in 3rd grade and where she eats in the dining room we have there.

This is a very special sponorship because it involves an extremely unstable family environmentshe lives with her grandmother, just the two of them alone, and the grandmother is elderly.

Hana lives with her adoptive grandmother, Workinesh. We have no idea how old Workinesh is because she appears to get younger as she ages but she must be around 75.

She receives a pension of 80 birrs.

I remember the first time I saw the little old lady, she couldnt have weighed more than 25 kilos. She was stick thin but Hana was as well cared for as possible.

Hanas mother disappeared after giving birth and Workinesh brought up the child. Hana doesnt have a father.

Hana and her grandmother lived in terrible conditions before she was sponsored, an indescribable hovel. The sponsorship has provided a great improvement in their lives. Workinesh is much stronger.

Hana was being sponsored for a while but is now without sponsor parents once again.

If you would like to sponsor Hana please email:


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