12 Dec 2011

Times are Changing in Sebeta


We are late in making contact, it’s been difficult to get a connection and in addition we’ve had very little time.  The children of Sebeta now have a psychometric room and three fantastic monitors who will accompany them in the process of their personal evolution.

We’ve managed to arrange that not only the adults of the school but also people from the village, the seamstress, the carpenter, the iron maker, the pillow salesman etc are involved in the project.  It is becoming an enriching experience for everyone.  The director of the school is aware of all that is going on and has so far accepted all the proposals that we’ve made and there are many, as we are working quickly in order to get as much started as possible in the few days that we have left.  At least Dr Zerihun, who performs so many roles for Mediterranea and with such a big heart, always accompanies us.

The children, following their first sessions, have communicated through drawings and words that they feel content, fortunate and confident.  Following the first day’s sessions we’ve had a further 35 children sign up for the second day.  The biggest success so far has been the Ethiopian monitors who have been very motivated, making big efforts during the teaching and practical sessions, with the creation of materials and even out of their working hours, dedicating time to meet with us to discuss the events of the day, to ask questions, share their thoughts on changes, situations that they’ve noticed and to share their emotions.  They are very motivated, engaged and continually asking good questions.

The work with the children is very intense and productive and we are learning as much from them as they are from us.  To see the children move no one could tell that they were severely visually impaired and to share in their joy no one could ever say that we speak different languages because it is plain to see that when it comes down to it we all speak the same language.

Regards and a hug from Sebeta

NB The psychometrics are working with the children who have the poorest vision, the blind and the virtually blind, those who due to their disability have the least stimulation.

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