12 Dec 2011

The Spirit of Christmas at the Portals Christmas Fair

For those of you who were looking for the Spirit of Christmas last Sunday I can tell you without doubt that it was to be found down at Puerto Portals at the annual Winter Fair on December 4th.  The crowds arrived and mingled with each other:  they ambled through the assortment of pretty Christmas stalls, many of which were decorated with magical fairy lights.  Santa Claus hats were everywhere and the angels from the local school sang traditional Christmas carols.  People relaxed listening to the music and enjoying the wonderful food that was on sale everywhere.  The smell of the mulled wine and the mince pies told us Christmas was just around the corner.

Right in the middle of all this activity was Mediterranea’s very own Father Christmas with all his little helpers!  They worked their magic turning anything and everything into liquid gold.  They asked people to guess the weight of the Christmas Cake, they sold draw tickets for one of the biggest and best Christmas draws with over thirty prizes to be won, they shook their collection tins and the crowds queued for a chance to take part in the fun and play the game of Tombola.  Father Christmas sat the children on his knee while they told him of the things they hoped he would bring them on Christmas Day.  The spirit of Christmas was everywhere.

At the end of a long and very enjoyable day we counted the money, hoping we had raised a significant amount for the charity that is so close to all our hearts.  It was humbling to realise the generosity of the crowds that had passed by our stall that day.  We had raised a phenomenal amount  -just over 3,000euros.    The changes that will be made to people’s lives with the work that  the volunteers of Mediterranea  will now be able to carry out will be incredible.

The stars will shine brighter in Ethiopia, in Ghana, and in Mallorca not only because of Mediterranea but also because of the Spirit of Christmas that was down at Puerto Portals at the Winter Fair

Contributed by Med Member Diane Oatley 

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