7 Nov 2011

Expanding in Sebeta School for the Blind

The first day of work for our Opthalmic team has been a success.  Some of the children will be able to improve their vision with glasses or with an operation.

There is a new director of the school who is much more caring than the last one, she genuinely seems concerned for the children and is collaborating with us.

So far we have received 45 applications from women for the 5 washing positions that we have decided to create.  With those 5 we shall have 8 at Sebeta, 4 cooks in Fita, 2 cooks in Biru, 34 employees at Abugida, our representative in Ethiopia and an accountant, a total of 50.  In addition we have 50 sponsored families, many of whom are hoping that one day we´ll be able to include them into a working cooperative.

The director of Sebeta has offered us the room next door to the Messi room, so we shall be able to double our space.  This in turn will allow us to contract some more monitors, after all part of the Sebeta campus is a teacher training college for special education teachers.  It is wonderful to be able to offer some employment opportunities to the local population, hopefully we´ll be able to offer more in the future.

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