17 Oct 2011

Very Good News!

Martha is returning home.  Her back is now wonderful, the extreme lateral bend in her spine and hump in her back have disappeared.  Her last, very complicated, operation has been a success.

Martha has been in the very best hands, the medical team of the Children’s Trauma Clinic at Son Espases Hospital, the children’s neurosurgeon and the many other professionals from other medical specialties.  Many have given everything for her, without ever looking back, until this young girl could have the possibility for a normal life, a future.

Martha wants to be a doctor and has experienced some excellent examples during her stay.  We want to give our thanks to this medical team, to the untiring and very professional Dr Sanpera who led the team (we certainly bring him nearly impossible cases), to the nurses and auxiliary staff who have treated Martha like a queen during her stay in hospital.

To bring children over to be operated is not complicated from a legal perspective but for us it almost becomes a life long commitment as we continue to follow their progress when they return to their own countries.   And lucky that we do, as for Martha this is the third time that we have brought her over to be operated and we very much hope it will be the last time that it is necessary.  Martha will have to wear her corset during the day for the next three months in order to avoid complications.  Today is a happy day.

We don’t want to forget to thank our magnificent group of volunteers who visited Martha in hospital and accompanied her and her brother Mesfin, and to the wonderful family who welcomed them into their home and looked after them the times they were out of hospital.

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