18 Oct 2011

Sebeta on the Rise

Hello Mediterránea supporters:

We gave our backing to the Sebeta school and we made the right decision: things were not looking at all good, however, things changed and the situation for the blind children at Sebeta continues to improve greatly.

The Messi room, repaired bathrooms, new windows….. and we have now got a builder in fixing the cracks in the buildings. The enthusiasm also appears to have rubbed off on this gentleman because he’s even repairing cracks that are not included in the budget! That must be a first!

They are going to let us use half of the classroom adjoining the Messi room to make the playroom bigger, which is also good news. We will make a doorway to link the two classrooms. This extension will allow the children to have more space which is very important as the Messi room is in great demand and even opens on Saturdays.

The ophthalmologist and nurse will be taking out one of our computers, which has programmes for the blind and visually impaired and stacks of games which we’re sure they will enjoy.
 We have sent money to buy 55 new mattresses each costing 300 birrs: 16500 birrs: 699 euros
 And also for 150 bed sheets each costing 180 birrs= 27000 birrs:  1154 euros:
 We’re sending out 100 bed sheets from Mallorca with the ophthalmologist and the nurse. Many thanks to all of you who have donated new sheets.

We know that all of this will greatly improve their well-being but here’s the really big news, straight from Ethiopia:  "there has been a huge change in the cleanliness of the bathrooms thanks to the efforts of our charity, of the teachers, the committee which inspects the bedrooms twice a day, together with the management team which supervises the staff who work in the children’s bedrooms. If only you could see it, the current bathrooms are nothing like the ones we saw a short while back so we just hope that they can keep up the good work to keep the bathrooms clean along with the children’s sleeping areas which are so clean and tidy…. Olga (one of Mediterranea’s volunteers in Abugida) was pleasantly surprised when we went round the rooms and she couldn’t believe the changes!!"

All of this just goes to show that improving the standard of living and dignity of these people by taking a “hands on” approach is much more productive than 100000 discussions and 1000000000 complaints and grumbles about the real situation out there or justifying them “because this is Africa”…

We need committed people who are keen to carry out voluntary work in this special place. People who feel they have something to give to the children of Sebeta. They will come back with so much more than they left with.

One of our next objectives is for the children to use the gym, which they are unable to access at the moment due to lack of equipment and professionals to teach them psychomotor development. This gym belongs to the school (we presume it was built at the time by the same charity that built the rest of the school) although it is only used by local sportsmen and women for training.   
We will keep fighting. The children of Sebeta deserve it.

Photo: visually impaired boy in the Messi room making an effort to write his name. They will now be able to make use of special aids for the visually impaired (on our last trip we left them some but the forthcoming arrival of the ophthalmologist and the nurse will greatly contribute to an improvement of the situation).

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