24 Oct 2011

Thank You IBO

We continue in a state of happiness because of the way things have gone recently in Ethiopia.

Today Dr Jose Maria Panades (Opthamologist) and Cati Ramis (Opthalmic Nurse) have left from Mallorca for a two week trip to Ethiopia.  During the first week they will be with the children of Sebeta and for the second they will focus on the children and workers of Abugida and those other children in the area of Abugida who have eye problems.

We would love to give our profound thanks to IBO (Institut Balear Oftalmic) for their kind assistance and support.  For a long time we have dreamed of bringing an Opthamologist to Ethiopia and in this case an Opthalmologist who's also a Pediatrician, plus an Opthalmic nurse...what more could we have asked for?

Here you can see a photo of the poster that the IBO have created and hangs in their reception to collect glasses for Mediterranea.

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