9 Jul 2011

The Stumbling Poor Need Our Old Glasses

Hello Followers of Med

Our steady flow of used glasses has become a trickle.  If you, your family or friends have any prescription or sun glasses that are no longer used please remember that there's a big demand out there amongst 'the stumbling poor' of our world.

Since Christmas supporters of Mediterranea have delivered glasses to:  Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Guinea and Bukina Faso.  We have many other areas and people that we can help but our stock is now very low.

Perhaps you could even speak to your local optician...they may be happy to support us by donating old or returned glasses.  They would of course receive our warm thanks and be recognised as Mediterranea collaborators on our webpages.

Please help us to transform the lives of those less fortunate than us.  Glasses can be dropped off at the surgery in Portals Nous or at our storage areas in Santa Ponsa and Palma.  Please write mediterranea.ong @ gmail.com if you need more details.

Thank you

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