7 Jul 2011

The Door to Happiness: The Messi Room

This is the name they have given to the room where Virginia and Debora have started the games workshop at Sebeta, the school for the blind where there are blind children, children with very poor eyesight and children that see perfectly and don’t know why they are there.

This room is now looking quite small with all the toys that have been brought over.  It contrasts enormously with the conditions in which these boys and girls have to live.  This is the only space in the school where they can be children and where they can be happy.

We have contracted two monitors – the present music teacher and a recently graduated teacher specializing in the teaching of the blind.

A new director of the school will start in September and we hope that she will be different to the present director who cares little for the children and with whom it is not possible to make agreements.

Despite this we are trying to address things we have seen in the small houses where the children live

Chaveli and Conchy who are Med volunteers and special needs teachers arrived at Sebeta on Monday and will continue the work of Virginia and Debora, bringing happiness and stimulation to these children who need it so badly.

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