9 Jun 2011

New Workshop - Is Proving Very Popular

Hello followers of Mediterranea

There are already 75 children with very poor eyesight attending the afternoon play workshop that Debora and Virginia have recently set up.  Debora and Virginia are specialist teachers of the blind and Mediterranea volunteers who are supporting the Sebeta School for the blind.  The children are also discovering in this workshop the handicraft abilities of our volunteers.  

In Sebeta there are approximately 100 children, boarders living in very poor conditions.  In the summer they have nowhere to go, so they will remain at the school doing absolutely nothing.  It is our intention, and we are working on this, to contract a couple of monitors who will be able to continue with the work of the projects set up by Debora and Virginia.

Samsam is a girl who has a cataract in one eye and normal vision in the other who they are treating as blind and obliging to learn Braille.  Samsam was very happy when she learnt to write her name in ink and it took her less than an hour.  There children all have a big capacity for learning and are very enthusiastic to learn.  This play workshop is turning out to be a small paradise for them.

Thank you to all Mediterranea members for making this possible.

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