8 Jun 2011

Decorating Biru Tesfa Preschool

This past weekend Debora and Virginia – the Mediterranea teachers who are working at the Sebeta school for the blind – visited the Biru Tesfa preschool in Akaki and while they were there painted murals in the corridor and entrance.

If you remember this is the school that was closed for many years due to its poor condition, having huge cracks in the walls and ceilings, subsidence in its foundations, virtually all windows smashed, no toilets or sanitation, no running water and no kitchen.  All of these things Mediterranea fixed this last January.

The school is now fully operational and has 198 children aged from 3 to 6 years old, and all coming from very poor families.  We have provided them all with bread, milk and many times eggs too since last September.  We have also taken charge of supplying uniforms, school materials and have contracted 3 permanent carers for the school.

Now, Biru Tesfa is even more attractive and appealing for the children, with these new murals painted by Debora and Virginia with the help of some parents and teachers of the school.

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