11 May 2011

Things that Make it All Worthwhile

We are not speaking about a film from Ana Belen but the sensation we felt when we received the photos of these five children, the five new ‘bombones’ from the nursery in Abugida who will already be veterans by the time the other 39 children start in July.

Only 17 days have passed since we last saw them and already they are different children.  The 18-month twins, Kalid and Karim were not even able to sit up and the 11-month twins Kalkidan and Yabsira were like a couple of raisins.  Any inopportune infection could have taken them.  But instead, here they are, demonstrating the same energy and enthusiasm for life as any other child in the world.  All children need is for someone to give them an opportunity in their own country.

Dagem is also very well.  He refuses to sleep in a bed and only wants to sleep in someone’s arms, which is a sign that he is interacting well and is happy.  All the children in the nursery want to play with him and he’s always in the middle of everything.

Today we are even more contented that usual having received this news from Abugida.  Thank you again to everyone, without your support this could not be possible.

PS Zerihun doesn’t have the correct date set in the camera, it is neither the Ethiopian date nor ours.

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