23 Feb 2011

Mikias' Fourth Operation

It went well.

He now only needs one more, which he’ll probably have within the next few weeks.  When the postoperative period and therefore danger of infection from the next and last operation has passed Mikias will be able to return to his home in Addis Ababa where he has a new sister who he has never seen.

Mikias has been with us here in Mallorca since April last year.  He has been attending the Baleares International School, a British school based in the municipality of Calvia, who have shown solidarity by letting him attend the school.  During this time his English has gone from poor to very good.  This will be a very useful tool for him to bring back to Ethiopia.

What’s more a family from the school has offered to sponsor his studies at a private school in Addis where they teach in English and which will open the door for Mikias to take his education too much higher levels.

This together with a new physical life without pain, without infection, without the risk of gangrene, amputation, sepsis or death.

Photos:  Mikias “suffering” the Mallorcan summer.

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