23 Feb 2011

Mediterranea in Pieces

Dear Followers of Mediterranea

Here we have a list of people who form the nucleus of Mediterranea.  I think you already know that any member of Mediterranea can easily form part of this nucleus without any need for bureaucracy.  If you are interested in supporting any area in particular or have new ideas that you would like to work on then please contact who ever you think appropriate from this list.

President, coordinator of programmes in Ghana, Member of the Board
Michael Stoma
Tel: 650259187 Email: mediterranea.ong@gmail.com

Secretary & Member of the Board
Lorenzo Ros

Accountant & Member of the Board
Juan Luís Andrés Martínez
Tel: 607800807 Email: juanluis@serfico.net

Coordinator of the programmes in Ethiopia, responsible for the blog in Castilian & Member of the Board
Victoria Baldo

Coordinator of the Madrid zone, public relations, Member of the Board
Stefanie Milla

Coordinator of the Asturias zone, in charge of material for the blind children in Ethiopia, in charge of sponsorships & Member of the Board
Ana Calso
Tel: 616686577  Email: apadrinamediterranea@gmail.com

Coordinator of 4th World Palmanova & Member of the Board
Heidrun Bierkämper
Tel: 606010397  Email: hbierkamper@hotmail.com

Coordinator of 4th World Palma
Fernanda Canoura Guerra
Tel: 659952334  Email: fercanourag@hotmail.com

Coordinator of Canaries zone
Sandra Bethancourt

Coordinator of Andalucía zone
Marga Muñiz

Coordination and cooperation with Zaqueo (4th World), responsible for the blog in German
Brita Krebs
Tel: 649012170 Email: granada_94@hotmail.com

Consultant for social networks and Internet, administrator of US Website
Lydia Fabry

Coordinator of Fitawrari School in Ethiopia, administration of the web and Facebook in English
Robin Griffith

Responsible for blog in Catalan
Eduardo Vivancos 

Responsible for Engineering and Construction of the projects
Barry Goldsworthy

Responsible for warehouse Palma zone
Jill Witkamp

Mediterranea’s coordinator in Ethiopia
Dr.Zerihun Getahun

Coordinator of fund raising activities
Jackie Evans
Tel: 609421073 Email: jackie@mallorcasolutions.com

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