24 Dec 2010

Sometimes it just can't be.

We met Z four years ago when we first started in Abugida.  She is a girl who had everything but the illness that killed her husband and that is slowly killing her has radically changed her life.  She had to return to Akaki to live with her family who, because of her illness, discriminated against her and made her live in the garden.

Z is the mother of E, a precious little girl, who is intelligent, sweet and mature beyond her years.  E was one of our first children in Abugida and is now at Fitawrari school.

After some time Z left her family and started a life of prostitution, prostituting herself for insignificant amounts of money.  Once a month she returned to the school to see her daughter.  Mother and daughter adore each other.

We offered Z a position in Abugida and she worked with us for over four years.  It was a hard fight to win her that position, as they didn’t want anyone who was HIV+ working there, she was the first.  During her time at the school she had her ups and downs including a mental breakdown for which she took medication.  During our last trip to the school she told us that she would like to continue with her studies.  We personally took charge of her studies, we wanted with all our hearts that she would continue moving forward and build a new life.

But Z left her studies, she left Abugida without saying a word and we don’t know where she is now.  Luckily E is staying with her aunt. As Z will not be able to return to work in Abugida we want to arrange a sponsorship to support her daughter.

E is one of four children that we have for sponsorship.  The others have all lived similarly sad stories and are on the border of survival.  The sponsorships can bring about a very important change in the life of these children.  They are the poorest of the poor.  To sponsor is to give life, a new life to a child that has nothing.  It is also a commitment to the child and to the family that will look after the child.

If you would like to sponsor one of the four children then please write to us at apadrinamediterranea@gmail.com

There are currently 44 children sponsored through Mediterranea.

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