18 Dec 2010

The Miracle of Glasses

We would like to introduce you to Derartu (on the left of the photo) and Hannaniya (on the right) who are students of the Akaki Mengist Public School.  They, together with other children and teenagers attend the two classes provided for those with sensory and psychological disabilities.
Deratu and Hannaniya are both deaf.  In addition Deratu has myopia of 11.5 gradation, which means that he can see practically nothing and is considered blind, deaf and blind.  Now he can see!!  Thanks to some simple glasses, that are very normal here but in Ethiopia are considered a true luxury.  What’s more these glasses are good looking and have graduating lenses.
Hannaniya does not have such severe myopia but he cannot see very well either.  Being deaf it’s very important for him that he makes the most of his vision, now with the help of his new glasses he can.  These glasses have come about thanks to the Abay Association that paid for them and thanks to Paco, a lovely person, who has taken them personally to the school.   Thank you very much Abay.

Next Friday, Dr Abonesh will visit the two blind children in the school who have congenital cataracts.  She is the very best specialist we were able to find and will assess if they are operable.  The nine deaf boys and girls also have a visit on Friday, from the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.  He will see three children each Friday for the next three weeks. 

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