15 Feb 2010

Nursery in Abugida

We will soon begin to select the children who will attend the nursery in Abugida.

We have to start the selection well in advance of the school year in order to give ourselves time to make sure that all of the children have the correct vaccinations, in this way we will avoid the spread of any contagious diseases.

The nursery is 52 square metres and will be for 25 children between 1 and 2 years old. There will be an outdoor playground area.

The criteria for selection is the following:

1)Children with HIV.
2)Parent less children or those who are being cared for by grandparents, other relatives or adoptive family without income.
3)The children of single mothers without income.

The selection will be conducted by representatives of the Edir, representatives of the Kebele, our representative and a paediatric nurse sponsored by Mediterranea.

The Edir and theKebele will make their decision based on the economic factors.
The nurse will choose the weakest and most malnourished children.
Our representative will supervise the whole procedure.

We will revise the whole situation during our next visit.

At the same time, 5 new children will be chosen for the two year-old class where there are 5 free places. We can have 25 children in this class now because once the building project has finished the two year-olds will stay in the 3 year-olds class which is big and spacious. 25 children will fit in easily. The criteria for their selection will be the same as aforementioned.

During this time, we will be selecting the new carers. They will have to fulfil strict requirements in order to be offered a position.

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