12 Feb 2010

The Fitauri Abeyh Metekia School.

1,486 pupils attend this State school which is situated in Yeka, in the suburbs of Addis Ababa, 25 kilometres from the capital.
There are 62 teachers and 20 employees who do administrative jobs.
The majority of the pupils from Abugida start their Primary education here. 28 of the children who attend this centre continue to have breakfast and lunch in the Abugida school.
The construction we are doing,  of the 8 new toilets for the girls, is going well.

We have been asked to pave the path which leads up to the entrance of their school because during the rainy season it turns into a mud-bath making it impossible to reach the school door.
The State will contribute 16000 birrs and Mediterranea will donate 35000 birrs (1876 euros) to this project.

This is the first time that we have collaborated with this type of school and the experience is proving to be very positive.Therefore we are pleased to continue to work with them and any other State school if given the opportunity.

We send the funds to the Edir of Akaki (the same Edir from Abugida) and they send the money to the builder who is the same builder who is constructing the Abugida school.
We found our builder with Barry's help who has so much experience in this trade. We were offered the best estimate you could possibly find in the area and well below what other foreign NGO's are being charged.

Phot: The first phase of the construction of the new toilets.

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