10 Oct 2009

Mediterranea's projects under development in Ghana, an update.


1)Physiotherapy centre for the Ada Dangme East Hospital.
Having generously been donated all the equipment necessary to set up the center in the hospital by the Jones family, and having even selected the space in the hospital to install the physiotherapy center we seem to have come up against a problem which is slowing down our project.
For reasons unknown to us the  company that volunteered to transport the supplies from Cardiff to Tema have not been in touch with us and does not respond to our calls. As instructed by them we sent our supplies from Mallorca to Barcelona. From there they were going to take them to Cardiff and then put them in a container with all the supplies accumulated in the UK, and ship them to Ghana.  The shipping company director had volunteered to help and unfortunately now we seem to have come to a grinding halt. Once again it is those in need that suffer. Over the next few days we will try to sort this out and if we have no luck we will ask another shipping company to deliver the supplies even if we have to pay for it. Money we spend in the first world is money we take from the funds for the third or fourth world, but the equipment sitting is a warehouse in Cardiff does not heal the suffering.

2)Nurses residence for the Dangme East hospital
We are developing a project whereby we will build a nurses residence and school next to the Dangme East hospital. The objective is to entice nurses to go there to work. Many are single mothers so a school is required. Once the school is built the hospital will run and fund it. Mediterranea will just build the centre and the residence. The more nurses in the hospital the better the medical attendance will be to the sick in the area. Africa relies greatly on her nurses, as there are too few doctors. The nurses take the brunt of the work load and in many cases are superbly trained and can handle just about any medial emergency or common problem.

3)Drifting Angels Orphanage, and other possibilities.
We will be assessing how we can help the Drifting Angels Orphanage in Ho, north of Ada. We will also be inspecting how they are putting to good use the things we gave them and set up for them (running water, tractor etc).
During our stay we will also be investigating other areas of collaboration in the poorer parts of Ghana.

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