11 Oct 2009

4th world.

Open letter from Marcia (in charge of the Zaqueo-Mediterranea project).

Hello everyone!

I want to tell you that when we all start to cooperate things will really start to move. Some of my helpers hved been really quiet and I haven't heard from many in the whole week, I hope you are working hard in the shadows.

This weeks achievements :

I had delivered to Zaqueo 20 big bags full of clothes, 1 bag with shoes, cushion covers, towels, food, 2 heaters, etc.
Angel was delighted with the amount of  things. He told me nobody else from our group went there this week.

Bianca has got a friend who is going to prepare food for 30 people every two weeks, and some food donations on the same days from the butcher and the French coffee shop.

I had spoken to my former cooker teacher and I am waiting for an answer. He needs an authorization from the school director and the only problem he sees, is the logistic, but I am sure there will be a solution.

I don't know how many of you are "socios" (members) of Mediterranea but we need money coming in, so, it would be great if each one of us sign up for 10, 20, 30 euros, whatever you can, every month, and  we could also ask some other people to become socios too.

I also need to be kept informed if any of you is taking things to Angel, because I am keeping a record of what we had delivered for our statistics and to be able to better what the help we provide.

I Know that Michael from Bianca had spoken to some of the restaurants in Portals and I want to know with which ones, because many of us are very often there, and I don't want that we overlap.

This week Florencia, Cindy and myself had walked the docks giving fliers to the boats so I hope we start to get phone calls soon.

The volunteer work it isn't easy, and all the work it is paid off when you see your efforts come together and you get things for the people that hadn't been as lucky as we are, so please, keep going!!!!

Thanks, Marcia.

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