2 Sep 2008

More re projects in Addis

We have excellent news about the women’s basic literacy classes in Abugida: they’ve already started with 45 enthusiasic scholars. And we think that next course they will be even more women! They are happy to have this chance, and really looking forward to learn.

Thanks to this classes, they’ll feel more dignified and worthy, and they will be able to get jobs that were unthinkable before: knowing how to read and to write radically changes personal status in Ethiopia – for the best.

In spite of the poverty they live in, these women are receiving the kind of training that will enable them to confront their daily lives with new faith in themselves and their capacities, as well as become more active members of their society.

150 children have been registered in Yeka. Theoretically, we should do a selection, as we counted on a smaller number. But… just how can we do that?
The situation in Ethiopia is very, very tough, and these kids come from abject poverty – and that, in Ethiopia is to be very, very, very poor.

We wish we had Unicef’s budget, but as we don’t… we’ll have to look for more members!

So, adding up the 150 Yeka children to the 160 in Abugida we have a total of 310 kids!!! Let’s see if I can sleep tonight… as that means we will be serving 930 meals a day.

And, at least, it looks as if it’s going to be possible to send doctors and nurses to work as volunteers in Addis, let’s hope so!

And we keep on working…

I remember all the people that warned me about Ethiopia: “it’s impossible to do anything there… Africa is very difficult… “ OK, it’s true that it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. And the proof is there: with the help of donors and members, with good will and hard work, IT IS POSSIBLE. And it’s very nice to do it in Ethiopia: because all help iss very necessary, because ethiopians are wonderful people… I might be not very objective, but…

Again, thanks to all of you for your help: without it, it would have been indeed impossible.

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