28 Aug 2008

Email from our representative in Addis

Hi Victoria,
First and at most, the women who are learning in the informal class at Akaki have told me to forward their thanks for providing them a basic education and they are short in words to express their feeling. They are also asking if the class will continue for the coming year and they wish it will. Three teachers are giving them lessons and they are around 45. May be this number will increase in the coming year.
About the # of the children joining the school for next year at Yeka, we have registered about 150 to screen. I think that as there are so many needy children, 140 is not too much comparing with the # of absolutely poor children in the area. We are planning to use the dining hall as a class room by dividing it with a carpet so that there will not be any problem in this regard. I am looking for a rented place at the piassa area and inform you. I will also look to hire the nurse and social worker. I will contact the medical director at yekatit 12 when we know the details about the volunteers. I will send you the details from the ministry of justice soon.
Warm regards

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