20 Jul 2014

A little big street.

We are very pleased to inform you the at last the street leading from the main road (west of the Abugida School) and leading in to the neighbourhood  has finally been  been resurfaced with cobbles.

Cobbles will last longer than other surfaces and cobble roads are easy to repair and do not require large machines. 

We started this project over two years ago and it, like many other projects, it has not been easy.  This project was done with the cooperation of the local
municipality and Mediterranea funded it. One of the important things  of projects of this sort is that the benefit to the local community will go on for decades.

When the rain comes it will wash away the top lair of sand that has been placed on the cobbles and so it will show all the splendour of the road.
Thank you all for your help. 

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