4 May 2014

In Mediterranea, right now.

Some times  as we talk about things going on in Mediterranea with members and volunteers, we get a surprised look, followed by a comment like "I did not know we were doing that!". It is not surprising that some people do not know all the different aspects and areas of our work and we ought to make a greater effort to keep people up to date with what is happening in Mediterranea in a given moment. So here we go.

What is happening in Mediterranea right now?

1)We are handing out over 14000 litres of milk, a month to children in need in Mallorca (4th world). This requires a mighty effort to accumulate the milk and a masterful logistics operation to distribute it.
2)We are making prescription glasses for children in  need in Mallorca.
3))We are giving Baby food and clothes for babies in 4th world.
4)We are accumulating used/old computers, repairing them, installing software, and giving them to children in sheltered homes in Mallorca.
5)We provide clothing to hundreds of children on the island.
6)We are working on trying to get businesses, clubs and schools to help us accumulate milk to hand out for children in families going through hard times.
7)We are providing books for school children whose parents can not afford to buy them.
8)We are helping to feed between 200 and 350 roofless people in Palma.
9)We provide Dignipacks for the roofless people once a month.
10)We are accumulating towels for the roofless people.
11)We will soon be repatriating Martha whom we have bought over from Ethiopia 4 times for spinal surgery. She seems to be doing well and is loving her stay in Mallorca.
12)We are feeding over 1200 children in Ethiopia
13)We run a school for 250 very poor children in the Akaki area south of Addis Ababa. It is considered one of the best schools in the country. The children are fed (up to 3 times a day depending on on age group), given uniforms, treated when ill, and are educated in a happy environment.
14)We have a nursery in Akaki
15)We run a day centre for severely handicapped children in Sebeta west of Addis. It is called Rainbow House and it has been a great success.
16)We run a stimulation centre for blind children in the Sebeta Blind Children's school.
17)We, in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands, have teams of Physiotherapists and teachers going down to Ghana to the department we set up in the Dangme East Hospital in Ada, and cooperating with the training of Physiotherapists in Ghana.
18)We are sponsoring orphaned children in Akaki.
19)We are teaching women in Akaki to read and write.
20)We do positive discrimination in favour of women and children who are HIV positive in Akaki providing them with jobs and a place in our school.
21)We continue to collect glasses which we send out all over the world.
22)We are collaborating with a sister organization sending clothes, books, and medical supplies to Senegal where we will help them with a medical centre they run.
23)We have helped to equip and refurbish a maternity centre in the north of Senegal.
24)We are designing low cost, no maintenance transport systems for severely handicapped children in Ethiopia.
25)We are developing a Park project for the Akaki municipality. It will be 14000sq.m big and will be the biggest public park in the country. Parks stimulate intelligence.
26)We are finishing a street we have restored in Akaki. Good access is a way of helping the local economy.
27)We are maintaining a centre in Portals Nous, open mornings and afternoons where meetings are held, supplies are stored and things can be dropped of. We need help manning it.
28)We try to keep our friends and members informed through the Facebook, Blog and Web Page. We need help on translations.
29)We have a considerable amount of administrative work and we have been re awarded the "de utilidad Publica" status by the government.
30)We employ over 60 people in Ethiopia. For every person employed it is estimated that 10 others on average are helped in their families. The umbrella is large.
31)We are providing dental treatment to children in need in Mallorca
32)Behind the scenes are a wonderful team of people working hard so that all of this may continue.

......and we try to create membership and raise funds so that all of these very important projects can keep on going. 

                      You do not know just how much your kind help counts.

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