31 Dec 2013

What we are worth is not what we have but just how much we are willing to do for others.

As we come to the end of a difficult and cruel year for many, I would like to thank those marvellous people we call volunteers.  It is thanks to their efforts and dedication that we have been able to help as many children as we have, both here in Mallorca and in the third world.

Mediterranea is not an end in itself, it is a means where by people, mainly children, get the help they need, firstly to help them survive and secondly to help them develop and grow as they deserve. We are at present helping over 2000 children in all our projects. 

The next few years are going to be very challenging. The way things have gone in our society makes it very unlikely that families struggling through great hardship are going to be able to climb easily out of the pit of misery. We have two options, either we as a society get organized and help those we can, as best we can, or we just turn our backs on them and  leave them to their destiny. These situations challenge us a species and as a society. What we are worth is not what we have but just how much we are willing to do for others. 

Europe over the last 400 years has had civil wars, revolutions, social movements, political unrest, wars and world wars in its struggle to obtain a better quality of life, social justice, well being, and even peace. Now with the crisis all of that, that was obtained with so much sacrifice, is being destroyed bit by bit, plucked like the petals of a daisy. 
 Society has been tested to see just how much it will tolerate before erupting and we are sadly becoming accustomed to accepting the suffering of others. In Mediterranea  we feel that as humans we have the ability and right to decide and we have the chance to get up and work for a better and more just society. We refuse to stand and watch the suffering of others and we do not accept injustice as a natural part of our social make up. 

It is an honour to help in a just cause with people who do not take in to account race, colour, political ideology or creed and who just work for the love of mankind. 

So as to be able to keep up our projects, and even expand them we are going to need the help of our fortunate, like ourselves, members of our society. Volunteering or becoming a  member, or even better, becoming both things is a sure way of being able to become a part of the solution.
So if you too want to help make our society a better place and help give children a better future then do not hesitate to become a member of Mediterranea, and if you have some time on your hands then become a volunteer too. It will help change other peoples lives, and it will very likely change and enrich yours too.

Happy New Year.

Michael Stoma

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