16 Feb 2013




I would like to pay tribute here to a very special lady. Her name is Hana and she is blind. She studied at Sebeta school. She is a single mother with two daughters. Life has thrown many trials and tribulations her way but she has come through these with incredible strength and positivity which cannot be expressed in words.
Mekdes, Hana’s youngest daughter is sponsored. She goes to the nursery at Abugida. Her older sister acts like a guide dog for her mother and accompanies her everywhere when she’s not at school. She attends Fita school. Whilst her daughter was at school Hana had the idea of investing some of the sponsorship money in a sweet stall at the school entrance. This is exactly what she did and she increased her income. With the profits, along with the sponsorship and a loan we gave her, she was able to get one of the homes built by the state for the poor, which has clearly made her very happy since she used to live in sub-standard housing of the kebele.
Hana is very clever. At the small party we held for the sponsored families they asked us about Spain, some of them had heard that Spain was at war, others were aware of the crisis but they were not really sure about anything (neither are we really sure about things...).
Hana asked us if she could give us some ideas to improve the situation of our country.
We are sure that if there were more people like her and less corrupt people here, things would be a lot better for us...

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