9 Feb 2013

Food hand out in the center of the island

4th World Volunteers

Following our first experiences as volunteers at the Sa Pobla base, we have seen for ourselves how necessary it is to help those people who are being severely punished by the current situation in Spain. When we arrive in the morning we are infected by the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of María Dolores and Javier and we are so keen to collaborate and learn from them. From what we have seen these two
people are completely dedicated to this project. Our role begins with collecting food supplies, clothes, toys.. etc. We then take them to the base, put things in order and prepare the supplies for each family which will then be delivered afterwards. We distribute basic food items for everybody but especially products for babies, both food and hygiene care products. 

We are delighted to be able to form part of the team and we encourage you to take part and donate food and clothing because these things are really necessary more than anything. Today for instance a lady was telling us that over the last 2 weeks her children had only eaten biscuits because she had nothing else available...... 

Finally, a big thank you to those of you who are already helping.

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