18 Nov 2012

Roofless folk in Paradise.

As we all know, there are millions of homeless people in the world.
But did you know that there are hundreds without shelter right here on our doorstep, in Palma de Mallorca?

In  Mediterranea  ONG/NGO we are searching for sleeping bags for these unfortunate souls, especially now that the cold in settling in.

Do you have a used sleeping bag you do not use? If not you might like to donate a new one?  Either way please let us know and we will
deliver it to people who do not get to sleep on a bed in Mallorca.

If you wish to drop a sleeping bag our drop off points are:
ExtraSpace in Palma (Puigpunient turn off on the Ma20)
Planet Space in Son Bugadelles Sta.Ponsa
The Medical Centre in Portals Nous (9am-1:30pm and 3pm till 6pm)

Please do not break this chain of favours and pass this post on to  everyone  you can.

Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts

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