3 Sep 2012

Back to Cuba


Mediterránea was founded in the year 1999 so that we could continue with our projects in Cuba, which we had previously been working on in collaboration with other NGOs.
Cuba was a large part of our lives from 1997 up until 2007. Bureaucratic complications then forced us to put our collaboration on “stand by” after we sent out a container in 2009. In Cuba we were collaborating primarily in the health sector, supplying medication and medical equipment to various hospitals, mainly the Pediatrics department at the Institute of Oncology in Havana and in 10 de Octubre, although we also collaborated with schools and day centres for the elderly.
Over the last few years Cuba has always remained close to our heart and in our thoughts. If everything goes to plan we will travel out in December to try to resume our collaboration and we really hope it works out.
We thought you would like to see this video from Havana featuring two of our favorite people: Jordi Évole from the TV programme "Salvados" who is always interesting to watch and Yotuel Romero, for obvious reasons. We hope you enjoy the trip around Havana with Yotuel and Jordi : (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivJ2iqIRQL4&feature=related)
Mediterránea does not get involved in political judgments in any of the countries where we work. Our commitment is to the people.
The lady in the photo was lucky to get some bifocal glasses from amongst the 400 pairs we took out. They were just perfect for her and she was virtually groping her way around before!

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