27 Aug 2012



At the end of 2010, as part of our "Schools in Akaki" project we started providing breakfast of bread and milk to 190 infant pupils aged 3 to 7, which we continue to do throughout the summer to ensure the children are better fed (our summer is their cold and wet season).
We had a meeting with the management and requested them to give us better information on the accounts. We believe that this has been a case of neglect and slackness rather than bad intention, in addition they were buying the milk from small local farmers to save money but the farmers didn’t always provide the right amount and they kept changing the price. From now on they will buy the milk from the local dairy cooperative which will mean better quality and control of the milk. 
As far as everything else is concened the Biru school is like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – we’d never get round to finishing the repair works to the building. There is a complete lack of maintenance and lots of neglect even though some of things could be sorted out easily. But we can’t assume responsibility for everything so we will concentrate on the breakfasts and paying the wages of the kitchen staff.

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