23 Jun 2012

To continue or not to continue, that is the question.

4th world Mallorca.
Our programs in Mallorca are ever growing. The feeding of the children in Sa Pobla by Mediterranea, started at the beginning  of this year and   initially cost us just over 700€ a month. As you know the population of children in need is increasing all the time and at present the cost of the food for this sub program alone is over 2800€ a month. This amount has to be added to what we pay  for food for the roofless in Palma, the Dignipacs and the food for the 400 people in Plamnova. So our expenses at present for these 4th World programs are at the 5000€/month level.
So as to be able to sustain all of this we are going to be needing more fund raising events and members who subscribe to Mediterranea. The monthly donations given  by members provide sustainability. Fund raising events enable us to carry out specific things in a given moment, but on a long term, the subscriptions is what allows us to take on lasting projects in aid of those with an on going problem.
We have members who subscribe and help with what they  can per month. There is no minimum, and obviously there is no maximum. All help is help, and is put to good cause. 
O a personal level, my wife and I are members of, and subscribe to other organisations even though we are volunteers and members of Mediterranea. One thing does not take from another. We feel that all help is good help.

Dr.Michael Stoma

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