8 May 2012

A breakfast of love.

Reading the email from Mediterranea a few weeks ago telling us that for 250 euros the charity could feed 72 children breakfasts for one month, inspired our grandchildren Luke and Dan to find a way to raise this amount of money. We decided that if we could feed 50 friends and family a full English breakfast for 5 euros we could raise this amount.

Last weekend Saturday and Sunday we cooked from 11am to 3pm; the mums and dads in the kitchen and Luke and Dan waiting the tables we raised the fantastic amount of 330 euros. To see Luke and Dan learning the joy of giving at such an early age is a wonderful feeling and to know we all made a difference to the lives of 72 children who are not so fortunate as we are made all the work so worthwhile.

Diane Oatley
May 2012

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