20 Apr 2012


Mediterránea believes that in addition to education children should have access to sport and play, in order to develop their full potential. Very few state schools in Ethiopia have small playgrounds for children and we are not aware of any open spaces of this kind which are free of charge to the public.
does not have a public childrens playground, nor are there any areas for children and young people to play sport which is hard to believe as they are almost all crazy about football.
district council of Akaki is allowing us to use some land to build a sports and recreational park in Akaki. We need ideas and volunteers.
The works would start around October time once the rainy season is over. We aim to use as many local materials as possible along with local craftsmen to build a place for the whole community; somewhere for schools to go on trips out or simply a place for all children to play.
photo is of a playground in an underprivileged area of Australia and represents one of the 10 most imaginative playgrounds in the world, the St. Kilda Adventure Playground.
is a hidden gem amidst the high-rise buildings on the outskirts of a cosmopolitan area. It was designed for underprivileged families so that their children have a safe place to play. The locals call it theirback yard recreation areaas its such a delightful place where they feel at home.

you are interested in helping with this project in any way, please email mediterranea.ong@gmail.com

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