3 Apr 2012

An eye opener.

Here is list of the jobs and chores carried out by the first two Dignifix teams to visit Ethiopia.
It clearly is something to be proud of. We hope these standards can always be kept up.

16 Jan 2012 to 3 Feb 2012
Jobs completed
Team One
1. Purchase of sanitary pads
2. Assessment and Job Prioritisation
3. Main Water Tank: crane sourced at no cost
4. Main Water Tank: metal frame built
5. Leaking Main Water Tank removed*
6. Spare Main Water Tank plumbed in
7. Clinic water system replaced to ensure supply
8. Clinic water boiler repaired
9. Leaking water systems repaired (Dorm and Kitchen)
10. Training of maintenance staff – use of existing tools and modern plumbing technology
Team Two
11. Dorms kitchens and bathrooms: repairs completed on 95% of stopcocks, taps, showers, and toilets *
12. Checks and repairs as necessary of 90% of water heaters to supply warm water without leakage
13. Repair of toilets next to the Director’s Office to get them working and prevent leakage
14. Classroom and corridor exposed wires and fittings made safe
15. Power point installed in Messi-Room 2
16. Main Water Tank: float switch purchased and installed
17. Main Water Tank supply:  removal of defective filter and temporary installation of bridging pipe.
18. Main Water Tank supply:  assessment of the practicability of repairing or replacing the water filter*
19. Kitchen: extractor fan purchased and installed
20. Kitchen: chimney ducting modified and flues cleaned
21. Kitchen: study for new hood to draw hood to fan*
22. Kitchen: study for further modification of  chimneys
23. Kitchen: faulty switch on endura hotplate replaced
24. Kitchen: water supply extended to sink
25. Kitchen: broken taps replaced
26. Workshop: new distribution board supplied and fitted
27. Workshop: electric plugs for tools supplied
28. Workshop: storage of tools and supplies re-organised
29. Welfare: 200 pairs of underwear for girls supplied and presented by the Director

Further Work
1. Generator: Director will approach donor of 58.000 ETB to discuss alternative projects, given impracticability of  schemes for either emergency power or solar power
2. Install clinic septic tank  (with the help of Richard of VSO): Med to pay for digger and other labour costs
3. Investigate getting washable sanitary pants for girls (Brendan of the Peace Corps is doing this)
4. Clinic: repair of plumbing, sinks, toilets and wiring
5. Main Water Tank: repair or replace leaking tank and plumb repaired or new tank in
6. Kitchen: get maintenance staff to devise and make/obtain cooker hood to connect to fan
7. Kitchen: review of possible further modification of chimneys
8. Kitchen: re-decorate
9. Messi-Rooms: install more power points to reduce use of extension flexes
10. Dorms: complete plumbing and other repairs (one water heater has no electrical supply)
11. Repair, renovate or replace lighting in dorms and clinic
12. Complete re-glazing of dorms and other buildings, pay outstanding glaziers’ invoice and replace grills to windows.


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