16 Mar 2012

Ghana Physiotherapy program continues.

Today a meeting was held in the UIB (Balearic Islands University) with the team running the UIB-Mediterranea NGO Physiotherapy program.  Since July last year  we have sent 7 Physiotherapists to the Dangme East hospital in Ada Ghana where they have treated people and where they have introduced physiotherapy as yet another service the hospital can offer to the population it looks after. In the near future a team of 3 or 4 staff from the university will travel to Ghana to put in to effect a training program in conjunction with the Physiotherapy faculty in Accra.
As those of you, who have followed Mediterraneas programs over the last few years, will recall, we sent a container full of equipment to set up the physiotherapy department in the hospital.
We are very pleased to say that the university has joined Mediterrnea officially in this project and is helping to fund it.

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