5 Dec 2011

Med Bringing about Change in Sebeta

Hello Followers of Mediterranea

Here are some more photos of the recent visit of Dr Panades and Cati Ramis to Sebeta and their ophthalmic review of the children.

Since their return to Mallorca there have been a number of conversations as to how to organise the operations of those children who need them.

As for those who can see, with or without help, they are going to start to learn to read and write.  Their new classroom is prepared: desks, new chairs and the study materials that they need.  Mediterranea has organised and covered the costs of this classroom and it’s materials.

Two psychomotor specialists are in Sebeta at the moment. They will be joined by two more in the next few days.  They want to get the gym up and running.  They are planning to make, with the help of some of the elder boys and girls, some foam mobiles that they can then use to assist with the psychomotor stimulation of the children.  Through this process they hope to find a couple of boys or girls who will be able to fulfil the role of sports monitors in the future.

We excitedly await photos of all these activities.

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