17 Nov 2011

Another Dream to Fulfil

Dear Followers of Med

Today we had the debrief meeting with Dr Panades of IBO (Institut Balear Oftalmic) following his trip to Ethiopia.  The meeting was very productive.  They both arrived back very content and with a strong commitment to the project.

We can confirm that in total there are 40 children (between those that could already see and those who can now see with glasses) who can leave the Braille teaching system and attend our new classroom that we are organising to teach them to read and write.

In addition there are 100 children for possible operation.  If all goes well Dr Panades would return to Ethiopia together with an ophthalmic surgeon in the coming months.  They believe that they could carry out 60 operations during the visit.  This would be our first medical/surgical project in Ethiopia, a dream for us and many of our medical friends who are members of Med.

We are a small NGO and we know that the majority of surgeons prefer to travel with the big NGO’s that have experience in these areas.  There are a few who are prepared to risk being the first to go.  Dr Panades has opened an important road for us that we hope will become well travelled.

We know of doctors who have visited Sebeta, some have carried out statistical studies on the children, but so far none have been concerned enough for the children as people to try and treat them.  However since Med arrived in May these children have not been ignored or forgotten, thanks to all of our volunteers who have been there to help in one capacity or other: Virginia, Debora, Conchy, Chavely, Pep, Cati, Olga, Laura and Elena.  All of them have been pioneers.

Our small children of Abugida have all had their eyes checked and all enjoy good eye health.  They only detected three cases of mild myopia and one of Strabismus, all of which are now being treated to good effect…

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