5 Sep 2011

Education and the Future of Africa

Reviewing what the teams of Mediterranea volunteers at the Ethiopian schools in which we work, have achieved, we can confirm that not even Walt Disney could have invented stories as beautiful as our educational teams in Ethiopia. Their efforts have influenced the local Ethiopian teachers and motivated them to a point where they want to learn more and improve professionally. They are starting to realise the importance of education for the future of their country. Amongst all the intelligent things that Rosa Luxembourg said, she commented that real revolution would only come through education. The importance of education is unfortunately, ignored by nearly all leaders.  Some are so pathetic that they even see it as a threat to the status quo. 

The future is in the hands of education and to give the tools to improve education is probably the best thing that an NGO can do in the third world.  Many times, from our privileged position in the West we believe that Africans cannot get a proper education in Africa. That for this they need to come to one of our countries.  This thought is one that sprang from colonialist times but has never really been destroyed.  Children can be educated in Africa, in their countries, their societies, it is their right.  We help to make this possible, it is not charity, it is simply just. Photo: children of Abugida on their graduation day.

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