8 Aug 2011

Hopefully the Third Will Be the Last (Posting from 27/7)

Hello Followers of Mediterranea

Yesterday Martha arrived in Mallorca, this time accompanied by her brother Mesfin.  It is the third time that Martha will be operated on for her Sclerosis and hopefully it will be the final operation.  Unfortunately with her very weak vertebra there is no guarantee that this will be the last time.  Martha will be operated on 5 August in Son Espases Hospital by our favourite surgeon Dr Sanpera, Head of the Dept. of Paediatric Traumatology.  The same surgeon who operated on Mikias and gave him the miracle of his new arm.  

Regarding Mikias we have been told that he has started at his new private school in Ethiopia, paid for by the fund raising events of Baleares International College.

In the photos you can see Martha and her family when we saw them in Addis Ababa in June (her mother unfortunately has since died) and Mikias on his arrival at Addis Ababa airport (he returned with us, what a very happy mother!) and in his home.

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