25 Jul 2011

The Messi Room at Sebeta Continues to Develop

Resumen of the first week at Sebeta for Chaveli and Conchy.
Email from Sebeta.
The truth is that the experience here in Sebeta is very intense but we are very content.  This week we have dedicated ourselves to:
-       Unpacking, making an inventory and placing all the material that we brought with us (the table football has been an outstanding success and not just with the children!)
-       To get to know the children and organise them into groups so that we can work better with them.  We have organised for each group to attend the work shop twice a day in the morning and the afternoon.
-       To form a plan of different activities for each week.  Creating small work groups for each session (for example: on the red table board games, on the yellow games of classification, on the green of series…)
-       To explain to the monitors the rules of the different games.  In this way to supply a diversity of activities so that the children acquire some basic abilities.
-       Provide the monitors certain norms of methodology.
-       Repair the notices that indicate if the workshop is open or not.
-       Create individual folders for each of the children to keep their work in.
Photo: The music teacher, who is one of the monitors who we have contracted for our workshop.

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