31 Jul 2011

Diary of Chaveli and Conchi from Sebeta - Already 10 Days

Our tenth day at Sebeta and it seems that things are progressing, there is still lots to be done for us and for the school, although there is still a long way to go. Today we started to distribute some clothes to those who we considered were most in need since it hasn't stopped raining since yesterday and has become pretty cold.

We have started some oral activities with the children, such as singing, riddles, stories etc. Although they were not accustomed to this they are enjoying it immensely. As a little anecdote, we are very much enjoying listening to them singing at the end of the lesson in nearly perfect Castellano "a guarder, a guarder, cada cosa en su lugar" (to put back, to put back, everything into it's right place) but singing this without actually following the advice of the song. At the moment we are just at the stage of the song and not the action.

We also reorganised the workshop a little as we have a lot of material and need to be able to find it and use it with ease during our classes.

Nothing else to relate at the moment expect that we have now been 3 days without water and cannot remember when we last ate a cooked meal. We send you all hugs and kisses from a very small corner of the continent of Africa.

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