6 May 2011

In the end there are 44

In the end there will be forty-four new children in the nursery at Abugida.  Forty-two aged between ten months and two years and two a little older: one of nearly three and the other five, both having cerebral paralysis.  Dagem, the three year old and the two pairs of twins have already started, as a matter of urgency, and are already well integrated into the nursery.

The two pairs of twins are eating very well and are already gaining in weight.  The lightest of the four babies is a little girl aged 11 months and weighs less than a three month old.  It was for this reason that we decided to accept them immediately into the nursery.

Half the children who will start in July will be given milk and solids now already as they weigh less than half of what they should for their age.  For those children less than a year old, the milk and solids will be given to their mothers to eat.  The first year of life is critical for a child but their mothers are so undernourished that they cannot produce sufficient breast milk.  In this way they will be able to properly feed their children.

Through these actions we hope that all children will enter the kindergarten in July in a better physical condition.

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