25 Apr 2011

Choosing the New Intake for Abugida

Yesterday we arrived from Ethiopia after an intense and full trip.  We spent a day in Wukro getting to know the projects of Father Olaran.  Then immediately we started the process of meeting the mothers and children who wanted to start at Abugida kindergarten in July.  From all the children we saw we chose those based on their weight and family history.  Since there were so many we decided to squeeze where we could and managed to increase the planned in take from 30 to 42.

Five will start today, as they are urgent cases.  There are two lots of twins that are very undernourished.  In the case of one of the pairs their mother died while giving birth and they have been barely kept going by their father and very old grandmother.  It’s a miracle that they have survived.  Another pair of twins who had been accepted, very sadly died last week.

The other child starting today is a boy of 3 years who is quadriplegic (paralysis in his four limbs).  We were not certain but his problem could have arisen from intrauterine infection.  He’d never seen a doctor before.  His problem is irreversible.  The most that we can do for him and his mother is to look after him at Abugida kindergarten.  We shall put him in the care of the Abugida nurse who will be able to help him somewhat using the little physiotherapy that she knows.  We have told the mother that while her son is at school she must rest, work and do whatever she pleases.  She deserves it.  You should have seen her face when she knew that her son had been accepted and this despite telling her that her son was incurable, which was very difficult to do, especially as she had the false hope that he could be cured abroad.

There were also a number of children whose mothers were handicapped from polio or leprosy.

To be continued…

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