3 Mar 2011

We need an Ophthalmologist for Akaki.

Are you an Ophthalmologist?

In Akaki, some 20 km from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, blindness and partial blindness are a common and serious problem for the children and teenagers in this community.  The blindness and partial blindness are due to congenital cataracts, trauma, intrauterine infections, vitamin A deficiency, extreme myopias etc.  The blind and partially blind do not only suffer from this awful disability but are also being completely marginalized by their society.

At this moment there are 20 children who are considered blind, aged 8 or over, at least these are the children that we know of.  Some of these partially blind children perhaps could be helped with glasses or other optical tools.  In May, 10 blind children under the age of 3 will begin school at the new kindergarten for the blind that we are opening at Abugida School, which is also in Akaki.  Perhaps some of these children can be operated and saved from their blindness.  The operations would be paid for by Mediterranea.

Would you like to go to Ethiopia and examine these children?

Mediterranea can offer, during the month of August, accommodation at Abugida School and meals during school days.  The rest of the expenses would be covered by the volunteer.  If you are interested please contact us at mediterranea.ong@gmail.com

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