20 Mar 2011

The April Group will be Going in a Few Days to Abugida

In April four volunteers will arrive at Abugida, Teresa, Maite, Laura and Nacho.  Teresa and Maite have been very active and industrious in selling Mediterranea calendars and in putting on two events, we’d like to thank them very much.

Teresa is going as governess, which is to say to overview the different departments and see if there are any opportunities for making improvements.  In the kitchen, she must supervise that the food is correct, that they are not missing nor wasting food.  In the nursery, that the appropriate hours and activities are fulfilled and that the children are properly attended.  That the cleaners are properly cleaning.  Abugida exists because of and is for the children, because of this it is very important for us that the children are well and that their environment is secure, clean and welcoming.  And of course that the funds that we send and that are available thanks to our members and donators are properly used.

Laura is a nurse and will be working shoulder to shoulder with the nurse that we have contracted at Abugida.  All the ideas that she will be able to bring to improve the part played by our nurse will be very welcome.

Maite will be in charge of extra school activities.  Together with Teresa will provide educational activities for the mothers.  Nacho is going to be the handyman, a role much needed at Abugida.

From here we want to wish this valiant and supportive group much luck and a very happy stay in Abugida.

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