4 Feb 2011

How Much can a Man Do in Six Days?

                              Much !
 … when we are speaking of super Barry.

As far as the Biru Tesfa infant school is concerned:

He dug out the septic tank
He started to construct a new septic tank, which has now been finished.
He unblocked the drains.

He investigated the reasons for the deep cracks in the walls of the classrooms, which could have been a danger to the children.  He found that they were due to the deterioration of the foundations caused by water.  
He started to repair these foundations.
He started to repair the cracks in the walls, which have now been finished.

He installed a drainpipe for the wastewater.
He connected the school up to the water source, the first time it has had running water.
He replaced the glass in the windows where it was broken, which was nearly all of them.
He installed taps and drainage in the 11 hand basins.

He made a new kitchen where the breakfasts can be prepared.
He installed three new toilets and cisterns.
He installed three new showers.
He created a new area in which to do the washing.

He managed, after quite some beers, to get the new constructor, who has been contracted to finish the pending work at Biru Tesfa and Abugia, to put in writing that he will pay for the paint needed for the inside of the school.

The paint for the exterior of the school has been paid for by, the director, Barry, Dr Zerihun (Mediterranea’s representative in Ethiopia), and the parents of the children who were helping with the repairs at the school.

When the school is finally painted we’ll show you some photos.

All this work cost 41083 birrs or 1809 Euros.

Barry fighting with the cesspool.
A little more than settling cracks
Fitting windowpanes
Finished wash basins
Starting work on the subsidence
Children enjoying the running water in the basins.
The new toilets

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