2 Jan 2011

A New Year and Life a Little Better

At last we have started to provide breakfast for the 198 children of the Biru Tesfa Primary School in Akaki, Ethiopia.  The breakfast is composed of bread, egg and milk, on other days rice and other ingredients.  This is an important contribution to the dietary needs of these children who eat nothing or very little else throughout the rest of the day.  For this reason they call our breakfast, lunch.

Next month Barry, our volunteer builder, will travel to the school.  He will produce a budget for the repairs that are needed and then start work immediately.  As you can see from the photos the children have started classes with cracks in the walls, broken windows…it is not a safe environment for them and for this reason we shall try to make repairs as soon as we can.  Mediterranea will pay for the materials and the parents will provide the manual labour.

Counting the children of Biru Tesfa, of Fitawrari and Abugida we are now feeding 686 children in Ethiopia.  For us it is not merely caring but and investment for the future.

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