5 Dec 2010

The Vegetable Garden

Greetings Mediterranea from our vegetable plot.

We are delighted to publish this post from our school in Akaki, Ethiopia because these young men have turned themselves into our favourites, into our teacher’s pets!! 

They are extremely enthusiastic and according to their teachers arrive much earlier than usual to work in our new vegetable garden.  It is work that they seem to love.  What’s more they are successfully growing lettuces, cabbages, carrots and beetroots.

Anyway, here they are proudly posing while hard at work.  Mubarak, who is the leader of the team, is in the centre.  

Once they have gained some more experience they will be able to take on the plot on the other side of the school, which is much bigger.  

Before the creation of this vegetable garden the boys and girls who work in the garden passed their time in the classroom doing very little.

Because of this success we are now trying to expand this ‘Vegetable Garden Project’ to other schools in Akaki. 

PS The date showing on the photos is incorrect, they were taken just a few days ago.

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