17 Oct 2010

70 children more in school.


Yesterday was a happy day in the public school Fitawrari Abaninya of Akaki, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The 70 children, most 10 years old, who began a bridge course in reading and writing and basic mathematics last april to be able to access a normalized scholar education, have finished the course.
Mediterranea covered the expenses of this course by paying for scholar material for the children and the salaries of the teachers responsible for the classes.
Yesterday the graduation ceremony took place. The heads of education of Akaki Kaliti and the proud parents or grandparents assisted to witness how their children or grandchildren are able to access the educational system which beforehand was not possible due to lack of information or poverty.

As a graduation gift, every child received 5 notebooks and pencils.

70 children less on the streets – 70 children more in school. Another small grain of sand in the desert.

Photo: Girls and boys at the beginning of the course (april 2010)

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