2 Jul 2010

Mikias spent two hours in the water. He loved it. He did not want to get out of the Mediterranea water
Mikias’ father does not want to go to the beach, the topless culture on the beach seems to upset him, so, Alexandra, who is helping a lot with Mikias, takes him to the beach with her children.
This was the first time Mikias went to the sea. The sea water will help to better his arm before he goes for the next operation.

The objective of the treatment for the osteomielitis is to eliminate the infection, to prevent its deterioration and to restore, as much as possible, the destroyed bone.
Antibiotics are given in order to destroy the bacteria’s that cause the infection. The antibiotics must be taken for a long time.

Surgery is also needed to remove the dead bone tissue. The open space left by the removed bone tissue can be filled with bony graft of his own fibula or with filler material able to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue.
This second option is in theory the one that will be carried out as it is the least traumatic but requires a longer convalesence.

“Chronic osteomielitis”, what a simple name for a disease with such a long and complicated treatment.

We do not think Mikias can return till September at the earliest so we will have to extend his visa. Lots of paper work here.

Mikias has been going to the Balearic International College for the two last weeks of the summer term. He made a lot of friends and has been very happy there.

This School has offered him, also, to join them during their summer period. For Mikias, that will give him the opportunity to have fun with other kids, his age, and at the same time to improve his English knowledge.

Many thanks to the Balearic International School for their generosity and hospitality with Mikias.

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